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It’s been a while since we’ve had a Ruby Gloom thread on /co/ but I’ve been so busy I don’t want to start one because I won’t be able to contribute.

POLYLE: did you know that you gave me one of the best pieces of art advice?
POLYLE: haha
POLYLE: can you guess what it was?
Arielle: "don't worry no one will notice"


"Urbance is a 26-minutes animated action serie for 16+ audience. Written and Directed by Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé. A topic that hits withstunning visuals and blasting tunes; Urbance brings you into a post-modern story world, made of hip-hop vibes and electronic influences.

We’ve chosen Kickstarter to make this beautiful and unconventional project possible the way we see it. No artistic compromises. Let’s build Urbance together! “- Team Steambot

Pledge now! : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2088672139/urbance?ref=newest

Fund it!


when u see ur crush outside of school


The prophetic birth of Akira, lol. 

This damned show, Aoi Honoo (Blue Blazes)

Oh man someone posted one of my Fionna drawings from around when I started drawing for /co/. Sometimes I think about how I haven’t improved much recently but that piece made me cringe so I guess I have improved a little.


The dichotomy between commerce and art work force in one simple sequence. This stuff they won’t even teach you in school, kids. Know the game! Did I mention that i frikkin love this new TV series in Japan, called "Aoi Honoo?" (Blue Blazes :-)

Brilliance. Find it, it’s a hysterical and seriously honest coming-of-age story/ depiction of life as an animator/manga-ka in school.


This show, “Aoi Honoo” (Blue Blazes), though. lol.